SUPPLI’s mandarin class/chinese is uniquely designed for absolute beginner and wish to learn mandarin language more practically and thoroughly during limited time.Our syllabus is based on HSK exam,international standardized exam for Mandarin language /Chinese language/Hanyu for non-native speaker.It evaluates Chinese language abilities for non-native Chinese speakers in term of using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives.

Our class is small,cosy and flexible for all type of learners.We only accommodate 4 persons in a class and very progressive and attentive to every learner.

Here is the overall outline for HSK exam level and our estimated hours to tackle each level.

Please refer HSK official site here or visit our branches at Setapak or Kepong for more details

Here is the syllabus on what you will learn,how long and how much it will takes for our level 1 which is equivalent to HSK 1.