Start your Korean class just nearby your neighbourhood,Setapak or Kepong now with only RM200/per month in small class(maximum 5.6 persons )with Korean native teacher,Ms Jenny Choi or Mr Park.We believe the smaller the class,the more quality a class will be and indeed,more interaction with teacher and your classmates.No shortcut in learning a new language,thus,maximize basic language knowledge,application and exposure is our core value for class.  Nowadays, spoonfeeding a bunch of students in a class never will be good teaching idea,agree?

5 main reasons that made us as your first choice of Korean class in Kuala Lumpur:

  • Small class
  • Monthly intake(only 4 pax to start a new class,no more long waiting¬† list)
  • Native experienced teacher
  • Affordable fees
  • Focus in communication

We providing all level for all purpose such as conversation or TOPIK exam.Here is our syllabus for absolute beginner.If you learned before or shall you have any question to inquire,please whatapps 012-2843286 or leave message at contact form here.

Additional fees


Active Korean 1 by Seoul National University

Stay tuned with our latest news or intake on our page and facebook. Class will be start as soon as 4 persons registered.Sometimes,we have an intake a month ,feel free to consult us for more info.